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Manga Corner - A Silent Voice

Here it is! A late holiday gift just in time before the new year from Colton, who once again hosts another episode of the Manga Corner with special guest, Kory Cerjack, from the Fandom Post and the Taiiku Podcast! On this episode, we discuss the heart-warming, yet bittersweet tale of A Silent Voice, a manga about the effects of bullying and just how much it can affect not just one, but multiple people. Join us as we discuss what moments in the series made us feel the saddest, the angriest, but most importantly, the happiest. Enjoy, and we'll see you in March 2016!

SPOILER WARNING:  We discuss the ending of the manga quite a lot starting at 30:30, ending at 36:40

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Manga Corner - Jaco, The Galactic Patrolman

With JD still nowhere to be found, Colton enlists the help Josh Dunham from Senpai Coast to Coast once again to discuss Akira Toriyama's most recent work: Jaco, The Galactic Patrolman! A mini-series that ran in Weekly Shonen Jump in both Japanese AND English during summer 2013 that even has ties to Dragon Ball! How, you ask? Go listen to this episode of the Manga Corner and find out! (Warning: We only really spoil ONE plot point, the rest we wanted to keep a surprise in case we somehow convince you to read it)

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Don’t be fooled by the title of this podcast, Gangsta is not great. It’s good….possibly decent but not good. A drab setting, bland art style, and slow paced story do nothing to help the otherwise interesting characters and plot as a whole. The boys could barely sit through the shows 12 episodes without drawing comparisons to Black Lagoon. In this episode jokes are made about Mike fails at League of Legends, Jahmere introduces the world to Area D, and introduces the 2GAM fans to the “Shou Tucker Rule” and the boys compare one of the main characters similarities to Guts from Berserk. Find out as all this and more is in this episode of the 2GAM podcast!

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Manga Corner - One Punch Man & My Hero Academia

With JD setting up her base of operations in her homeland of America, its up to her sidekick, Colton to host the podcast while she is away! The Manga Corner brings on special guest, Josh Dunham, from Senpai Coast to Coast to discuss the manga that went from crudely-drawn webcomic to amazingly-drawn smash hit comic with a new anime on the horizon; the one and only One Punch Man! Afterwards, we discuss another up-and-coming manga from the pages of Shonen Jump, My Hero Academia, which has already made its place on the New York Times Manga Bestseller List not even a year into its run!!

This episode is an especially superhero-sized edition of the Manga Corner to make up for the recent period of silence, hope this makes up for it! We talk as much as we possibly can while even having a bit of fun in-between discussions. What kind of fun you ask? Listen to find out!!!


0:00:00 Introduction

0:04:49 One Punch Man

0:45:46 My Hero Academia

1:45:40 Recommendations/The End

1:56:34 The THRILLING conclusion! Saitama vs. All Might!! 

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The Other Side discusses the recent controversy with FUNimation and the Prison School dub.

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After a series of unfortunate events causes the guys to not be able to watch Eden of the East, Jahmere is forced to confront a series he has been ducking for almost 3 years. Puella Magi, Madoka Magica. And true to form, the show mostly disappoints. But that’s not to say that the guys didm’ t get a kid out of it though. What happens when Jahmere is able to vent out 3 days worth of bubbling frustration over the shows bad art, and “so terrible its funny” plot? Find out as all this and more is in this episode of the 2GAM podcast!

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The Other Side - Anime en Mortem

It's that time again! Time for TOS to rope Jahmere Durham into appearing again to go over another anime season! A season that's particularly bad, mind you, though it does have one hella-good announcement. Other than that, it's wall-to-wall garbage... But hey, TOS is here to help ease the pain and make some hilarious jokes about that garbage for you to enjoy! And if you've ever wondered why weird yaoi fangirls seem to hate Vic Mignogna, the boys go over that, too!

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2GAM - Racecar’s, Lasers, Ruels a Dick

2GAM finally gets around to reviewing Wakfu. Gives the backstory on the show, its dub, and the fact that you can’t get it anywhere except France. The boys go over the history of some of Frances more popular shows, praises the series pilot episode, european futbol is discussed, the ramifications and physical impossibility of jumping into an actual mountain of coins is lambasted, and mike drops a huge bomb at the end of the podcast! All this and more in this episode of the 2GAM podcast!

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A3K Podcast - 2015 Fall Anime Season

The next season of anime is on the horizon and the panel of #A3KLive tries to makes sense of it all. Sean Ryan and Jahmere Durham join host, Sean Russell on this episode.

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A3K Podcast - Western Animation Domination

Anime has some stiff competition and it’s coming from the west. The panel takes sides and talks about their favorite American cartoons, the 2015 summer season and recommends some shows for your viewing pleasure.

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